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    How to Wash windows by traditional Means?

    Window cleaning might be one of the difficult tasks of the commercial zone and even residential areas. Nowadays the latest technologies for cleaning have proven this job easier, but in some cases, window cleaning is still preferred to be done by traditional means. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the traditional means for window cleanings. Let’s have a look at these homemade methods that won’t be expensive also

    Effective Homemade Cleaner 1:

    Take cold water at least 1 liter and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. This compound will effectively remove all dirt from windows and double-glazed windows. You can also add a few drops of glycerin to the water. After mixing well, dust and dirt will not easily get fixed on the washed windows. It will also prevent the formation of traces after rain outside the window glass.

    Effective Homemade Cleaner 2:

    No less useful tool is also a mixture of water and vinegar or denatured alcohol. You can also use ammonia in the proportion of 1 table. Spoon for 3 liters of water. It will give Bright effect to the glass. Expert Commercial Window Cleaning in Maldon has been seen by us doing the same ritual of stirring water and vinegar.

    Affordable Drying and polishing:

    At the end of the ritual, wipe the glass surface using old newspapers. They are much cheaper than commonly used paper towels, and also much more efficient. Printing ink prevents streaks and marks from smudges, and you won’t believe you will get a fantastic shine over the glass. Old nylon tights or stockings are also great for polishing glass. Nylon, due to the special structure of the fabric, correctly remove any stains from the glass.

    First, clean one side of the glass pane from top to bottom – vertically, on the other hand, do the cleaning right to left – horizontally. Looking through the incident light on the glass, you can easily see which side of the plastic window left the stripes.

    Do not use these compounds for washing wooden windows. Wood structures should be washed with a delicate detergent diluted in water. Ammonia is strictly prohibited since it eats away varnish on wooden frames.

    These are some amazing traditional methods that may be known to several of you from your ancestors, but I got amazed in Maldon where Professional Commercial Window Cleaning in Maldon is still being done with these products as an effective cleaner